MoBo Vanagon

An Adventure on Wheels… SOLD!

LAST SPOTTED: Ashland, Oregon

Tired of being stuck at home? Ready to venture into the unknown, to free yourself from the norm, to chart your own route and live by your own rules? Can I get a “HECK, YES!”?


YOUR TICKET TO the open road AWAITS!

There’s nothing quite like a VW vanagon. Packed and ready for anything, this timeless vehicle promises the kind of spontaneity that many desire, but few achieve. And this particular VW, lovingly called “Mobo”, is a highly customized 1985 manual transmission, 2.1L Wasserboxer Vanagon Westfalia Weekender, a piece of rolling artwork.

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A Creative Collaboration

Mobo stands for “mobile bower”, a vehicular version of the ornate nests built by the Bower birds of the tropics. It is the result of a collaboration between event producer (and its owner) Douglas Campbell, and Los Angeles based artists John Park and Steven V. Williams

Originally brown, Mobo was first sanded and primed, and then brought to life over the course of a 3 day event. After the clear coat was applied it was souped up with

  • 200W solar power
  • sub woofer
  • dual battery system
  • upgraded, high efficiency refrigerator
  • tinted rear windows
  • new carpet & rear upholstery 
  • and more!

PRICE: $20k (or best offer). Questions? GET IN TOUCH or MAKE ME AN OFFER NOW!

The Downlow

…and the fine print.

MoBo only has 32k miles on it – since the odometer was replaced! HA! In reality probably around $200k. Runs well, with a reliable ignition, and stable idle (after a few seconds of initial revving) and buttery smooth shifting. A recent overhauled engine, including a replaced head gasket, and newly reassembled transmission and linkage are just a few of the highlights, and it holds coolant and oil without leaking a drop on to your driveway — not something you can say about many VW vans. A LOT of love has been put into this vehicle over the years (including a final tune up with  fresh oil, new spark plugs etc) and it’s now looking for its next home.

Of course like any classic, there’s some unique quirks that any new owner should be aware of:

  • There’s a few minor dings  (luckily the paint job covers them well!)
  • The passenger windshield wiper fluid spout is clogged)
  • The pop-top canopy has a couple of minor tears.
  • There’s no AC and the front air blowers only work when it’s moving.
  • The sliding door opens fine from the inside but needs to be unlocked via the passenger door.

MOBO'S Grand Adventures

A little gallery of some of Mobo’s amazing adventures.